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Michael T. Barbour - Author and Scientist

As an environmental educator, Dr. Barbour has published numerous scientific articles as well as 2 novels and a children's book. His books are designed for schools to be an interesting adventure into the realm of our environment. He is available for lectures and presentations.

Novels by Michael T. Barbour

The Kenai Catastrophe -- Dr. Chad Gunnings goes to the Kenai Peninsula to investigate this wild corner of North America. When Chad and his associates are attacked at the Anchorage airport by members of the Warrior Society, a native para-military organization, they know that something very secretive is behind the problems in the Kenai. Their adventures take Chad and his colleagues to the site of a 100-year old massacre of an Indian village. What does this catastrophic event have to do with the present-day environmental problems in the Kenai? The surprising conclusion supports the contention that not everything is as it seems.


Blue Water, Blue Island -- The coral reefs around Hawaii are threatened by a secret enterprise attempting to tap into the extensive heat pockets of the earth's core. Dr. Chad Gunnings, an aquatic ecologist with the Phoenix Environmental Research Institute, teams with Dr. Kado Hashimoto, a marine biologist with the University of Hawaii, and Dr. Elice Morningside, an anthropologist from the University of Alaska, to investigate the accelerated bleaching of the coral. The three scientists face untold dangers from the denizens inhabiting the reefs, a fanatic determined to thwart any attempts to stop his illegal activities, and a mysterious woman with unprecedented skills in martial arts.


Children's Books by Michael T. Barbour

Caitlyn and Craig the Crayfish - A lesson in stream life - Caitlyn learns the difference between a crayfish and a crab and why Craig lives in a stream. They work together to save Teddy, the turtle, who thinks he is drowning.





Douglas Visits the Seashore - Learning about seashore life - Douglas enjoys building sand castles and playing in the surf. When he meets two seagulls, he learns that there are many different seagulls at the seashore.